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Join the vibrant Cincinnati Official Juneteenth Parade to celebrate roots and rhythm. Register now for a chance to showcase cultural heritage and musical traditions. Don't miss out on this opportunity for freedom, unity, and cultural pride!

By Nicole Williams

Get ready to celebrate roots and rhythm at this year’s Cincinnati Official Juneteenth Parade. Registration is open for individuals, groups, organizations and businesses to join in this vibrant community event.

Scheduled for Wednesday, June 19, at 10 a.m., the Juneteenth Parade invites participants to embrace the theme of 鈥淩oots and Rhythm,鈥 as they commemorate the historic milestone of Juneteenth 鈥 the end of slavery in the United States. This year’s theme celebrates the rich cultural heritage and musical traditions of the African American community.

鈥淲e are excited to kick off registration for this year’s Juneteenth Parade,鈥 said Patrice Logan, Event Producer. 鈥淭he theme of ‘Roots and Rhythm’ invites participants to explore and showcase the cultural roots and musical rhythms that define our community.鈥

In addition to opening registration, Juneteenth Parade organizers are encouraging participants to embrace the theme by incorporating elements of roots and rhythm into their parade entries. From traditional costumes and musical performances to thematic displays, participants are invited to celebrate the vibrant cultural heritage and artistic expressions of the African American community.

鈥淎s we celebrate ‘Roots and Rhythm’ at this year’s Juneteenth Parade, we invite participants to get creative and showcase the diversity and vibrancy of our community through music, dance and visual arts,鈥 added Logan.

Individuals and businesses interested in participating in the Juneteenth Parade, or supporting the event through sponsorship or donations are encouraged to visit for more information and to register.

Let’s come together to celebrate freedom, unity, and cultural pride at the Cincinnati Official Juneteenth Parade.

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