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The amount of Cincinnati Reds news in the last few days has certainly been overwhelming.聽Within 24 hours, Reds fans are dealing with the loss of possibly the best player in franchise history, a suspension of a very important piece of the lineup, and the loss of a former number one prospect in the organization.聽I can鈥檛 say that I had that on my 鈥渂ingo card鈥 for the weekend!聽Let鈥檚 dive into what just happened and why I am over-stimulated with Reds news.

Joey Votto Agrees to Deal with the Blue Jays

Cincinnati icon and Canadian native, Joseph Daniel Votto officially came to an agreement on a minor league deal with the Toronto Blue Jays.聽While I hate to see him leave the Queen City, watching him be able to get the chance to suit up for his hometown is something you could only find in movies.聽His 17-year career continues, but his time in Cincinnati is certainly finished鈥nd man, what a ride!聽I won鈥檛 dive into what he has meant to the city or anything of that nature, but I will leave you with a few Votto facts to share with your friends who don鈥檛 understand his greatness:

  • Joey Votto could go 0-1,346 over his next 1,346 plate appearances and still have a career OBP higher than Ichiro Suzuki.
  • Joey Votto could open up the 2024 season and go 0-477 and still have a higher career OBP than Tony Gwynn.
  • Through 17 seasons, Joey Votto has a better OBP, SLG, OPS, OPS+, more RBIs, and more homeruns than Pete Rose.
  • Joey Votto has a higher OBP, SLG, and OPS than Johnny Bench, Joe Morgan, Barry Larkin, and Tony Perez.

Goodluck in Toronto, Number 19.聽Cincinnati is rooting for you!

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Noelvi Marte Suspended

I have been trying to get my wife to allow me to name our son that is arriving in May 鈥淣oelvi鈥 for months now.聽Not only did he let down his team this week, but he let down me personally, as I truly liked the name (My wife thanks you).聽As all of you know by now, Marte tested positive for performance enhancing drugs and has been suspended 80 games, along with not being able to participate in the postseason.聽As a professional athlete, you have to know better than to ever receive treatment with an illegal substance.聽It is inexcusable and he really hurt this roster going into 2024.聽 Last year in limited at bats, he hit for .316 and an OPS of .822.聽Without his bat in the lineup, we find ourselves utilizing our depth way earlier than expected.聽Cincinnati will obviously welcome you back when you return, but I certainly hope he learns from this massive mistake.聽

Jose Barrero is No Longer a Cincinnati Red

To top everything off, Jose Barrero was officially claimed by the Rangers this weekend and leaves Cincinnati.聽He is a career .186 batter who just never clicked within this organization.聽At times you would see flashes of hope, but he either wasn鈥檛 healthy or was looking way different than what he displayed in Spring Training.聽This really isn鈥檛 a loss from what we have seen up to this point, but I certainly wish him well.聽It just never was going to work out here and I think a fresh start was best for both parties.

Roster Spots

With the Noelvi suspension, along with Jose Barrero no longer being on this team, two roster spots essentially are 鈥渦p for grabs.鈥澛燬tuart Fairchild is most certainly going to be on this roster, as he has knocked the cover off the ball throughout early Spring.聽The last spot, however, will be a little more difficult to judge.聽If everyone stays healthy, this last spot will be a toss up between Josh Harrison and Blake Dunn in my opinion.聽Harrison is a career .270 batter and former All-Star, but has struggled mightily in recent years.聽Dunn is a right-handed outfield arm that I think this team desperately needs who certainly isn鈥檛 getting any younger.聽His call-up is probably past due, as he hit .312 last season with 23 homeruns.聽The 25-year-old out of Western Michigan has worked his tail off and even if it is not right away, I hope he finds himself on this roster in 2024.聽

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