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By Morgan Angelique Owens,

Chief Creative Beauty Consultant

Title: Renika Smiley, Owner
Business Name: Lusheous Collection
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What made you start your business?

I started my business because I am a plus size woman. And I have been my entire life. I was the plus size woman, who loved fashion forward clothes. But my weight always went up and down. So, I would try to starve myself or workout crazy in the gym just to fit into society perfect size. So, I could fit the clothes that I wanted to buy. I decided this time when my weight went back up from sitting in the house during 2020. That I was going to love myself at every size. I鈥檓 not just going to dress down or in rags because I couldn鈥檛 fit into the fashion forward clothes that I want at a plus size for a woman. I decided that I was going to start a plus size boutique to wear the clothes and to fix this problem for other plus size women.

How does it empower you as a Black Woman in the Beauty Field?

My business venture into plus size clothing empowers me as a black woman clothing owner. Because it allows me to solve this problem for all plus size women, and especially black and brown women by offering us plus size clothing that鈥檚 fashion forward comfortable clothing for women of our size. I also have a special place in my heart to help Black and brown women, we are women of so many shapes and sizes. It makes me feel empower to help all plus size women look good.

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What are 3 of your favorite beauty items you can’t live without?

Three beauty items I can鈥檛 live without:
My Face Cleansers because cleaning my face is a part of my daily routine
Lusheous Collection plus size clothes
My waist shaper

Anything else our beauty readers should know about you?

Shop Lusheous Collection at  in store at 5846 Hamilton Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45224.  

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